Olivier Bonfond is an economist within the CADTM, the Committee for the Abolition of the Third World Debt. The CADTM was created in 1990 in Belgium and is an international network of individuals and local committees from across Europe and Latin America, Africa and Asia. Their mission is to offer a detailed analysis of the origins and consequences of debt in the Periphery, and options for its cancellation, they elaborate alternative policies for financing human development and they challenge political leaders, pushing them to introduce guarantees of the fundamental human rights and to implement the alternatives proposed by the CADTM and other social movements.<BR><BR>Olivier Bonfond was involved in the preparation of the 2011 World Social Forum. Former professor of economy in RDC, he is a trainer for the BTC, Belgian Technical Cooperation.<BR><BR>His talk, «Should we pay the debt?» (in French), will approach the different attitudes to take to face the crisis of the public debt in the European Union by doing case studies of specific countries (Greece, Equator, Argentina, Belgium). He will try to demonstrate that there are no fatalities when it comes to policies of austerity being implemented by the European governments and the Troika (IMF, ECB, European Commission). To break this logic, it is fundamental to put in place audits of the public debt in order to get rid of the illegitimate parts of it.<BR><BR>