Phoebe Louise Adams Gloeckner is an American cartoonist, illustrator, painter, and novelist. Gloeckner was born in 1960 in Philadelphia, and spent most of her later childhood and young adult life in San Francisco, where her family moved in the early 1970s. She attended several Bay Area schools, including The Hamlin School for Girls, Castilleja (in Palo Alto), Urban High School, Lick-Wilmerding High School, The Independent Learning School, and San Francisco State University, where she studied art and biology. She was interested in cartooning from an early age; her father was a commercial illustrator, and through her mother she met several of the San Francisco underground comics figures who were to have a profound influence upon her, including Robert Crumb, Bob Armstrong, Aline Kominsky, Bill Griffith, and Diane Noomin. However, rather than pursue a career in cartooning, she choose to study medical illustration at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.<BR><BR>Gloeckner has lived in San Francisco; Dallas; Aix-en-Provence; Paris; Prague; Setauket, New York; and Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she now teaches at the University of Michigan, in the School of Art and Design. She has been married three times and has two lovely children, Persephone and Audrey.<BR><BR>She was the recipient of a 2008 Guggenheim fellowship.<BR><BR>Wikipedia

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