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A great tempest of a novel. . . . Will leave you awed. -- The Washington Post

"Staggeringly beautiful. . . . Once a decade, if we are lucky, a novel emerges from the cinder pit of living that asks the urgent question of our global era. . . . Roy's novel is this decade's ecstatic and necessary answer." -- The Boston Globe

"Powerful and moving. . . . Infused with so much passion--political, social, emotional--that it vibrates. It may leave you shaking, too." -- San Francisco Chronicle

"Roy writes with astonishing vividness." -- The New York Times Book Review

"Magisterial. . . . The Ministry of Utmost Happiness works its empathetic magic upon a breathtakingly broad slate." -- O, The Oprah Magazine

"A fiercely unforgettable novel about gender, terrorism, Indian's caste system, corruption and politics. . . . A love story with characters so heartbreaking and compelling they sear themselves into the reader's brain." -- USA Today

"Thrilling. . . . [Roy's] luminous passages span eras and regions of the Indian subcontinent and artfully weave the stories of several characters into a triumphant symphony." -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

"A lustrously braided and populated tale." -- Vanity Fair

"Roy's second novel proves as remarkable as her first. . . . Through [the characters'] archetypal interactions, juxtaposed with Roy's glorious social details, you will have been granted a powerful sense of their world, of the complexity, energy and diversity of contemporary India." -- Financial Times

"Epic in scale, but intimately human in its concerns, the long-awaited story dazzles with its kaleidoscopic narrative approach and unforgettable characters." -- Elle

"The novel weaves the personal and the political with powerful results. . . . Roy turns her lens outward to examine India's rich but violent history and the catastrophic lingering effects of Partition." -- Esquire

"A riotous carnival, as wryly funny and irreverent as its author." -- The Guardian

"A deeply rewarding work. . . . Images in The Ministry of Utmost Happiness . . . wedge themselves in the mind like memories of lived experience." -- Slate

"Complex and ambitious. . . . A deep and richly satisfying read." -- The Christian Science Monitor

"One of the best protest novels ever written. . . . Roy elucidates the conversation around power and diversity in a way that no other author does." -- Los Angeles Review of Books

"A rich, romantic, and sprawling tale. . . . You're guaranteed to fall in love with the characters and be swept up by the writing." -- Glamour

"Once again, Roy demonstrates her mastery of exquisite prose, visionary intelligence and a bent for epic storytelling." -- The Seattle Times

"Haunting. . . . A passionate political masterpiece delivered in an enchanting array of narrative styles and voices." -- The Times Literary Supplement

"Stunning. . . . Roy's lyrical sentences, and the ferocity of her narrative, are a wonder to behold." -- Richmond Times-Dispatch



Arundhati Roy (Shillong, 1959) debutó en la narrativa con El dios de las pequeñas cosas, que ganó el Premio Booker en 1997, se tradujo a más de cuarenta idiomas y se convirtió en un acontecimiento literario en todos los países donde se publicó. También es autora de diversos libros de no ficción, como los excelentes y combativos ensayos políticos El final de la imaginación o El álgebra de la justicia infinita (Premio José Luis López de Lacalle), ambos en Anagrama. Vive en Nueva Delhi. Read more about ROY, ARUNDHATI

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