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These days Paolo Virno teaches philosophy at the University of Roma Tre. His theories regarding post-Fordism and its forms of life has made him one of the most influential contemporary thinkers. In this documentary, through meeting and interviewing him, we attempted to examine the thought of Virno and to translate this into images.

Virno’s publications and essays are easier to find abroad rather than in Italy. The themes that Virno explores with in his discourse relate to a series of keywords: virtuosity, general intellect, institution, luoghi comuni, human nature, negation and infinite.

Virno’s theories offer a non-conventional view on our current reality. In our project we want to portray this relation between philosophy and the so-called daily life. Together with Virno, we organised philosophical walks in the metro, in a supermarket, at the zoo etc …

We tried to trace the origins of his theories back to the Italian operaismo of the ’70s. In this period Virno spent several years in prison, for being a member of Potere Operaio and, later on, Auronomia.

Virno is one of those Italian intellectuals (together with Toni Negri, Giorgio Agamben, Bifo Berardi) known with the name of post-operaisti. Our idea is to continue this project with 2 more documentaries, producing a trilogy on this topic.

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LUOGHI COMUNI - Teaser from Marco Ugolini on Vimeo.