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Foreword: The Story Is the Thing, by Mark Berlin vii<BR><BR>The Musical Vanity Boxes 3<BR><BR>Sometimes in Summer 20<BR><BR>Andado: A Gothic Romance 29<BR><BR>Dust to Dust 57<BR><BR>Itinerary 62<BR><BR>Lead Street, Albuquerque 71<BR><BR>Noël. Texas. 1956 83<BR><BR>The Adobe House with a Tin Roof 90<BR><BR>A Foggy Day 112<BR><BR>Cherry Blossom Time 120<BR><BR>Evening in Paradise 126<BR><BR>La Barca de la Ilusión 141<BR><BR>My Life Is an Open Book 158<BR><BR>The Wives 170<BR><BR>Noël, 1974 182<BR><BR>The Pony Bar, Oakland 196<BR><BR>Daughters 197<BR><BR>Rainy Day 203<BR><BR>Our Brother's Keeper 204<BR><BR>Lost in the Louvre 211<BR><BR>Sombra 220<BR><BR>Luna Nueva 232<BR><BR>A Note on Lucia Berlin 237<BR><BR>Acknowledgments 243