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According to the Washington Post, no one who cares about contemporary African-American cultures can ignore bell hooks' electrifying feminist explorations. Targeting cultural icons as diverse as Madonna and Spike Lee, Outlaw Culture presents a collection of essays that pulls no punches. As hooks herself notes, interrogations of popular culture can be a 'powerful site for intervention, challenge and change'. And intervene, challenge and change is what hooks does best.

When people desire to decolonize minds and imaginations, cultural studies's focus on popular culture can be and is a powerful site for intervention, challenge, and change. All the essays and dialogues in this book emerge from a practical engagement with cultural practices and cultural icons who are defined as on the edge, as pushing the limits disturbing the conventional, acceptable politics of representation.



Con el nombre de Gloria Jean Watkins, bell hooks nació en 1952 en Kentucky (Estados Unidos). Prolífica escritora y activista feminista negra, su trabajo ha estado siempre presidido por el estudio y la crítica de la interseccionalidad de género, raza y clase. Obras suyas son Ain't I a Woman? Black Women and Feminism (1981), Yearning: Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics (1990), Where we stand: class matters (2000) o Writing beyond race: living theory and practice (2013). Read more about HOOKS, BELL

Introduction: The Heartbeat of Cultural Revolution 1. Power to the Pussy - We Don't Wannabe Dicks in Drag 2. Altars of Sacrifice - Re-Membering Basquiat 3. What's Passion Got to Do with It ? An Interview with Marie-France Alderman 4. Seduction and Betrayal - The Crying Game Meets The Bodyguard 5. Censorship from Left and Right 6. Talking Sex - Beyond the Patriarchal Phallic Imaginary 7. Camille Paglia - 'Black' Pagan or White Colonizer 8. Dissident Heat - Fire with Fire 9. Katie Roiphe - A Little Feminist Excess Goes a Long Way 10. Seduced by Violence No More 11. Gangsta Culture - Sexism and Misogyny - Who Will Take the Rap 12. Ice Cube Culture - A Shared Passion for Speaking Truth 13. Spending Culture - Marketing the Black Underclass 14. Spike Lee Doing Malcolm X - Denying Black Pain 15. Seeing and Making Culture - Representing the Poor 16. Back to Black - Ending Internalized Racism 17. Malcolm X - The Longed-For Feminist Manhood 18. Columbus - Gone but Not Forgotten 19. Moving into and beyond Feminism - Just for the Joy of It 20. Love as the Practice of Freedom

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